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Right to education

Community schools in the South
Letter n°24, june 2005

Éducation pour tousIn a recent communication, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) stresses the necessity to identify the needs in the field of education in order to fight poverty in rural communities and achieve de Millennium Development Goals by 2015. Case studies have shown that it is possible to improve living conditions within these communities in several countries of Africa and Latin America when basic needs in the field of education are taken into account, the organization explains. More



12 decades, a millennium : what a program !
Letter n°23, may 2005


Éducation pour tous



During the past 12 years, the UN has proclaimed 12 decades and a Millennium Declaration.


These initiatives are part of a set of ambitious goals around the wish of creating a better world than the current one. And whenever these goals are not achieved, they must be further pursued. This is the case of the necessary postponement of the goal of achieving education for all as expressed in Jomtien, Thailand, in 1990. After ten years, the Dakar Forum, which took place in Senegal, set the deadline to 2015. Today, it seems more or less clear that, if he current trend goes on, the aimed objective is still far ahead. More



The right to education ...
Letter n°21, March 2005

Éducation pour tousThe Special Rapporteur on the right to education, Vernor Muñoz Villalobos, deposited his report with the Human Rights Commission, which is holding its sixty-first session from 14 March to 22 April, in Geneva.

In his report, Mr. Muñoz Villalobos returns to the major themes developed by his predecessor, Mrs. Tomasevski: the realization of human rights through education; the battle against discrimination with regard to the right to education, educational quality and security; and the right to education in conflict situations. More


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