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Right to education

Two worlds : school attendance à la carte
Letter n°51, november 2009

ArteARTE, the French-German TV channel, recently taught us that state authorities in Morocco started to grant a financial compensation of six to ten euros a month to the poorest families if they decide to send their children to school rather then making them work. A strict framework accompanies this measure as the aid is immediately suspended after the fourth non-attendance in one month. The measure aims especially at helping girls since, just like on the rest of the African continent, they are particularly affected by insufficient access to education.More


Education for all : apparent progress or the appearence of a progress ?
Letter n°45, january 2008

Éducation pour tousThe last UNESCO Report on education for all allows uncertainty to persist on the chances of attaining the goal of access to education for all (EFA) by 2015. Alterning between moderate optimism and pessimistic realism, the report proposes a reading in a subdued style illustrating in a perfect manner and on a global scale the inequalities in the achievement of the right to education. Let’s remember that during the last 12 years the UN has announced 12 decades and one Millennium Declaration. These initiatives are part of a set of ambitious goals around the wish of creating a better world. And whenever these goals are not achieved, they must be further pursued. More



Should you pay for education ?
Letter n°37, February 2007


Éducation pour tousRecently, German students protested against the decision of the German Constitutional Court authorizing the Länders to introduce fees for university studies, which until now have been free.  Earlier, last June, thousands of students, teachers and parents had demonstrated in Wiesbaden against the project of the regional Christian-Democratic government to impose tuition fees of 500 euros per semester.  According to the French newspaper Libération, all of the Länder are proceeding in plans to increase tuition fees and to reduce the budgets given to universities. More


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