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PREAMBLE: Universal Principles of Civic Education


I. The School exists to serve humanity.

II. The School promotes mutual understanding for all the children of the world.

III. The School teaches respect for life and for human beings.

IV. The School teaches tolerance and acceptance of attitudes and behaviour that are different from our own.

V. The School develops a sense of mutual responsibility, one of the greatest privileges of being a human being.

VI. The School teaches children to overcome egoism. It helps them understand that humanity can only progress by personal effort and active collaboration.




Article 1

The World Association for the School as an Instrument of Peace, also known as EIP, is an international, non-profit association of unlimited duration, conforming to Article 60 and subsequent articles of the Swiss Civil Code.

Article 2

EIP is a non-governmental organisation, which does not belong to any political, philosophical or religious group.


Article 3

The Association has its headquarters in Geneva, which can be moved only by unanimous decision of its Council of Representatives.