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Education is a good business
Letter n°33, September 2006


École à vendreSuch is our age.  Moralists call for a search for meaning, politicians have made good governance their leitmotif and the priests of globalisation are concerned only with profit – education is henceforth depicted as an investment in “human capital”. 


A very recent terminology cloaks education in politics, the speeches of politicians and the reports of technocrats.  Everyone now knows that education is something that is “managed”.  Let’s have a look. More






Higher Education as a focal point of the market
Letter n°2, november 2002


École à vendre

“When it comes to trade liberalisation, higher education is not a product like bananas or cars”

This remark was made by Stamenka Uvalic-Trumbic, member of the higher education division of UNESCO, quoting John Daniel the
assistant-director of education within the same organisation. UNESCO was reacting to the first Forum on Trade in Educational Services, which took place in Washington last May.

According to Ms Uvalic-Trumbic the tendency to commercialise what many previously considered as public goods - education, culture and information - jeopardises the mechanisms of control within these areas and demands new approaches to the protection of the rights of the individual.




Is education for sale ?
Letter n°1, september 2002


École à vendre

Marketing education services, “vouchers” allowing American parents to “buy” their children’s education, decreasing public education funds in a number of countries, businesses financing education... These are just some of the many advanced signs indicating a willingness to liberalise education, a huge market today, worth some 2000 millions of US dollars. More


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