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Human Rights Education

The rights of the child and question of education
Letter n°18, November 2004




The International Day for the Rights of the Child is celebrated each year on November 20th. On this date the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration on the Rights of the Child in 1959, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989.

The first Declaration on the Rights of the Child, commonly called the Geneva Declaration, was adopted by the now defunct League of Nations in 1924. This text, first proclaimed a year earlier by the International Union for the Relief of Children, was essentially focused on the protection of childhood.

Education for all by 2015 : a utopia for Africa ?
Letter n°15, June 2004


EDHThere are 115 million children in the world today without access to education and close to 40% of them, for the most part girls, are found in Africa.

During the Jomtien Conference, in 1990, countries agreed to insure basic education for all by the year 2000.


One well knows this promise was not kept, and hence the Dakar Forum held 10 years later pushed back the deadline to 2015.

According to UNESCO, human rights and human dignity have regressed in much of the world. This translates into an increase in poverty, violence, war and terrorism, and a decrease in tolerance, dialogue, democracy and good governance. More



A United Nations world-wide programme of human rights education from 2005 Letter n°13, April 2004



A resolution proposed by Costa Rica, recommending the adoption of a worldwide programme on human rights education, was approved last 21 April by the member states of the Commission on Human Rights, in Geneva. The Commission “recommends that the Economic Council, at the opening session of 2004, recommend to the Assembly General (of the United Nations) a world-wide programme in the area of human rights, which will begin 1 January 2005 and contain several stages, in order to implement educational programmes in the area of human rights in all sectors.” More



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