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Human Rights Education

Training in citizenshop education in Europe
Letter n°26, October 2005



The European commission recently published a report dealing with the state of citizenship education in schools in the 30 European countries of the Eurydice network. 


The comparative study focuses on the different national approaches to citizenship education and examines whether a European or international dimension has been officially introduced in teaching in this area in schools. More



Truncated History
Letter n°22, April 2005


Tense diplomatic relations recently marked the relationship between China and Japan, regarding the revision by Japan of the contents of social science educational textbooks for Japanese high schools. In the textbooks, the 1937 massacre of the civilian population in Nanking by the occupying Chinese army is described as “an incident”. According to a report in Le Monde the word “invasion” is never mentioned when dealing with the “Great Asian War” which Japan conducted from the 1930’s. More



At the UN, an Action Plan for human rights education
Letter n°20, January / February 2005



Last December 10th, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution A/RES/59/113 proclaiming January 1st as the departure date for the World Programme for Human Rights Education. The first phase of this Programme will be expressed through the adoption of a 2005 – 2007 Plan of action project promoting human rights education in primary and secondary level education. This Plan will be submitted to the state members for final commentary and the final version will again be put to the Assembly General for adoption. More


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